Thursday, 4 March 2010

Cyprus Cyta Internet using own router

I have spent many hours trying to configure my own router to work with Cyta Internet in Cyprus and today I was successful.  It turns out it is really easy and means you no longer have to put up with the rubbish Thompson TG585 supplied from Cyta (and I think you get a discount for using your own equipment if you return the Thompson one).

The trick is disconnecting your internet service from i-choice first, this releases the IP address assigned to your Thompson router and allows a new one to be assigned to your own router, go to i-choice:-
  • Logon using your phone number as the user name and password (unless you have previously changed the password). 
  • Expand the internet menu on the left hand side and click the cross next to CytaNet, a message will be displayed informing you that the service will be stopped, click ok. 
  • Next click on status to check that you have no services connected, then logout of i-choice
Now for the router, connect to the router either using wired or wireless connection and go to the routers web page.  If your router has a set-up wizard you will need to use the manual set-up, all routers are different but you will need to find the Internet or WAN settings page and then use the following settings:-
  • Connection Type - Dynamic/Fixed IP (1483 Bridged) - 1483 is the key here
  • IP Assigned by ISP should be set to yes
  • Host Name - Leave Blank
  • VPI - 8, VCI - 35
  • Encapsulation - LLC
Once you have made these changes the router may need restarting, then go back to i-choice, logon and click on CytaNet to start your internet service.


  1. Hello my new router asks if the isp uses a logon what should i use

  2. Hi
    I have just purchased a brand new tp-link td-w8960n modem online, now following your instructions I tried connecting to cytanet with this modem, but to no avail, can you tell me what router you are using, make and model etc. I would appreciate the help.

    Thanx Alex

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  4. I too have the same problem, with a TP-Link W8920G. Could we have a more detailed config?